Vault Promocodes

Promocodes allow you to unlock items in TowerMadness for free, and are given out from time to time by Limbic. To be the first to find out about promocode releases, follow us on Facebook!


Redeeming a Promo Code from the Web

  1. Log in to the Limbic Vault with your Facebook account.
  2. Enter the promo code and press "Redeem."
  3. Once the new TowerMadness 1.9 update is out, enable the Vault in TowerMadness* by tapping the "Redeem Code" button from the in-game Shop and logging in with your Facebook account.
* The Limbic Vault feature is only available in TowerMadness, TowerMadness Zero, and TowerMadness HD versions 1.9 or newer (available soon worldwide).


What is the Limbic Vault?
The Limbic Vault allows you to redeem codes for FREE map packs and weapons, plus seamlessly use them across all of your devices and different versions of the game (TowerMadness, TowerMadness Zero, and TowerMadness HD).
How do I use the Vault?
Promo codes can be redeemed online from any web browser by visiting OR from the in-game Shop by tapping the "Redeem Code" button in TowerMadness versions 1.9 or newer.
Where can I find promo codes?
Promo codes will be announced primarily on our Facebook page. "Like" TowerMadness so you don't miss our promo code announcements!
Why can't I use my unlocked Vault items in the game?
Make sure you are logged into the Vault by tapping the "Redeem Code" button from the in-game Shop. If you are already logged in to the Vault, you will see a list of your unlocked items. Otherwise, you can log in at that time and the Shop will automatically install the items you have available in the Vault.
Why are not all of my previously purchased items showing up in the Vault?
Tap the "Restore Purchases" button from the in-game Shop and follow the on screen instructions. If you have purchased items across multiple devices, repeat this process on every device to ensure all purchases are saved in the Vault.